Tagline is optional

Optional Credit

Page Title.

This page displays all possible blocks that can be inserted into a page. In some cases, extra control can be given to a block by adding a specific class name. Some classes that can be added to almost all blocks are “nomargin”, “notopmargin”, nobottommargin”, “smallmargin”, “smalltopmargin” and “smallbottommargin”.

For the page title above, you may want to give it a class of “bigbottommargin” to give it a little extra space under.

Block Group

Wrapping a group of paragraphs together

By default, each space has a big gap above and below it (unless you give it a special class telling it not to). If you would like to group together several paragraphs or other blocks and keep the spacing between them smaller, then wrap them in the “Block Group” block.

For Ignite, when we use this at the top of the page, we typically give the top headline a H3 tag, and the secondary tagline bolded paragraph text.

Full Width Colored Strata

You can add just about any content block inside of this block. Be sure to click the “Full width” icon at the top to make it stretch the entire width of the screen. You can control the background color, icon, button, etc. All items are optional and can be re-arranged.

Sometimes we want two columns

In this case use the “columns” block

Left column

Fully customizable.

Right Column

  • You can add lists
  • inside of these blocks too.
  • Cool.

Image Left / Copy Right block

This block is configurable to have the image on the left or right side

Giant Image

Use the alignment buttons to configure left, right or centered layout

Big Headline

Videos x3

Insert the YouTube ID for each of the 3 videos on the right. By inserting the width and height of each video you can make sure that no black bars appear above or beside the video when it plays. The screenshot for each video is taken directly from YouTube.

Rock Star Employers (logo farm)

Real Career Paths

Explore what real people have done in Communications Technology.

No industry offers greater variety or more mobility than ours. Which means you don’t need a specific degree to enter the field. You don’t have to have a prescribed set of talents or interests. You can enter the world of Communications Technology in any capacity, at any level, and have an incredibly varied career without ever leaving the field you love.

See the future.

Don't just imagine where a Communications Technology position can take you. Use our career pathways tool to chart your journey ahead. You'll find there are multiple paths - and endless opportunity.

Filter career stories by job type

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    NV5 Engineering & Technology
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    MidPoint Technology Group
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  • Justin Watts

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  • Alesia Hendley

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  • Savannah Washburn

    AVI Systems
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  • Neil Williams

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  • Michael Bridwell

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  • Max Johnson

    National Systems Contractors Association
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  • Tobi Tungl

    Conference Technologies, Inc.
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    Operations Manager
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