The Launch of Ignite 2.0
The NSCA Ignite program’s original mission was to provide NSCA members with reach to the next generation of potential employees. It has now evolved to Ignite 2.0. While the recruiting aspect of Ignite remains important, Ignite 2.0 has been created in response to societal injustices and inequities. The expanded objective is to provide membership with the foresight and knowledge to instill inclusivity and diversity as cornerstones of their business and to realize the business benefits in doing so.

The Mission Statement of Ignite 2.0
The NSCA’s Ignite 2.0 mission is to inspire our members and organizations to embrace the concepts and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We want and need our membership to be reflective of the markets we serve and provide opportunities for growth and influence for our professional workforce. Our commitment is to inclusion, where everyone is welcome — an inclusive industry across age, gender, race, religion, identity, and experience to drive us forward under the Ignite umbrella.

The Goal of Ignite 2.0
Inclusivity and equity are issues of humanity. For an industry to be relevant, it must progress by embracing and espousing the core values of humanity. Those core values are a bedrock for successful organizations. They embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Ignite 2.0 seeks to develop a framework for DEI embracing and endorsing the notions and practices of radical empathy and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The use of the word “radical” in radical empathy is not of the ilk of revisionist or revolutionary, it is rethinking or a new way of thinking. It is attempting to better understand and share the feelings of others. While CSR is simply a way of developing a program of giving back.

The forthcoming efforts of Ignite 2.0 will make your membership and participation in NSCA more valuable and rewarding. Your company culture is a reflection of your core values both internally and externally. The results will help you become a better and more successful business.

Ignite 2.0 looks forward to this challenge and engaging with NSCA members.