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DiGiCo, Latin Grammy Awards Show


Midco Sports Network Expands Coverage with Central Production Model

Midco had two fully equipped production trailers. The challenge with these production trailers is that it’s hard to load everything up, get the trailer to its destination, unload everything, do the broadcast, and move to the next location.

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Quite simply, the trailer can’t make it to all of the games that Midco wanted to broadcast, which forced the company to rent out vehicles to fill the gaps or miss out on valuable coverage.

These big production trailers also demand a full crew. And with a full crew come hotel and meal expenses, time on the road and time away from home.

The benefits of having a full crew on the road were out-weighed when it came to updating one of the trailers.

Midco had a choice. “It was time to either upgrade that trailer or try something new,” said Craig DeWit, production technology manager at Midco Sports Network.

They went with something new.

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