Get Involved: Educators

Launch Your Students on a Path to Success

Our industry has a problem: Lack of awareness means great jobs go unfilled. That’s where you come in. Leverage your knowledge and credibility to speed talented young people along one of the 21st century’s best career paths.

Top 10 Ways to Become Involved

  1. Become an Ambassador.
  2. Encourage students to pursue careers in Communications Technology. We’ll be your partner by providing you with resources and advice.
  3. Collaborate with local NSCA members to expose students to the industry. Help develop and spread the word about internships, mentorships, and other hands-on career learning experiences.
  4. Help interested students plan their academic programs. This is a great way to help them learn about and focus their career interests.
  5. Inform students about scholarship opportunities. Learn more through the NSCA Education Foundation.
  6. Join our LinkedIn group.
  7. Network with us via the Ambassador Locator.
  8. Set up presentations from Industry Ambassadors.
  9. Visit the Jobs Board.
  10. Share this website.