Get Involved: Industry

Build a Powerful Talent Pipeline

Our industry has a problem: Lack of awareness means great jobs go unfilled. That’s where you come in. Leverage your knowledge and credibility to speed talented young people along one of the 21st century’s best career paths.

Recruiting & Mentorship Tools for Employers

Your business is only as strong as its employees. Use these tools to recruit, mentor and cultivate the talent you need to thrive.

Want to host an Ignite event?
Download the Ignite Event Best Practices Guide

Need marketing collateral? Look no further than these awesome resources below:
Ignite Student-Facing PowerPoint Presentation “Real Careers”
Ignite Student-Facing Brochure “Real Careers”

Want to sponsor and host an intern? Use these resources and you’ll surely not fail:
Ignite Internship ToolKit
Ignite Internship Best Practices Guide
Ignite Internship Online Learning System Guide

Want to create a mentorship program within your organization? John Thomas of Visitec created the resources below:
Ignite Mentorship Toolkit
Ignite Mentorship Quick Start Guide

Top 10 Ways to Become Involved

  1. Become an Ambassador.
  2. Support local/regional industry job fairs. By attending and sponsoring events, you’ll build connections with students, educators and career seekers.
  3. Contact and visit educational organizations. Be a guest speaker or industry representative and share your knowledge.
  4. Provide mentorship and learn mentorship best practices. Hands-on learning can be a life-changing experience for interested students, and can help you fill your new talent pipeline.
  5. Sponsor or donate. Marketable support from industry partners allows Ignite to reach more students, more successfully.
  6. Champion Ignite internally and among industry colleagues.
  7. Share your hiring success stories with us.
  8. Post internships and jobs on our Jobs Board.
  9. Join our LinkedIn group.
  10. Share our website.